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Invitation for foreigners (visa to Russia)

The company "Alpha and Omega" is registered in the register of tour operators in Russia with the category "inbound tourism", which gives the right to issue invitations to travel to foreigners.

When applying to our company, which performs invitations for foreigners to Russia professionally, you can be sure that you or your friend will be guaranteed crossing the border of Russia and will have no problem with a tourist visa at the Consulate of the Russian Federation. Experienced specialists will make an invitation to travel as soon as possible.

A standard invitation consists of two parts - a tourist voucher and confirmation of acceptance. These documents are made in our office. The procedure doesn’t take much time.  The same day you can come to take your ready papers. In case of payment by credit card or by wire transfer a visit to the office is not necessary. We can send the voucher for a tourist visa and the confirmation of the acceptance of foreign tourists in the Russian Federation to your email.


To begin the paperwork it’s necessary to:

-  write an email to alfa_i_omega@bk.ru, which indicates the expected date of the visit of the Russian Federation and attach a copy of the passport in attachment;

- within an hour (during working hours) we will contact you and confirm receipt of your order;

- after confirmation of the order, we will send you a ready tourist voucher and confirmation of the acceptance of foreign tourists. You can also obtain these documents in our office at any time.


Price *:

Travel voucher and an invitation to Russia for a single entry visa - 50 $ USA

Travel voucher and an invitation to Russia for a double visa - 60 $ USA


 Turnaround time - 1 day **


* Prices are valid for citizens of EU, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and others. No migration-prone countries

** By agreement the time of making an invitation can be reduced.


Tourist visa to Russia

Making a tourist visa to Russia for foreigners

  The reasons for obtaining a tourist visa to Russia are a tourist voucher and confirmation of the invitation (acceptance) of foreign tourists which our company will issue for you. Tourist visa to Russia is possible only with the Russian Consulate abroad. Getting a Russian tourist visa at the consulate usually takes from 3 to 7 days.  A foreigner must have a passport, a copy or an original of the tourist voucher and confirmation of the invitation to Russia, insurance for traveling abroad. With the presence of these documents a tourist visa to a foreigner shall be issued without delay and request of additional papers.

Registration of a foreigner who arrives in the Russian Federation is strictly obligatory and must be done for 7 working days from the date of crossing the border. Registration is available at the hotel. It’s important for foreign nationals to remember to take the check at the border when leaving the Russian Federation.

Our company not only makes travel vouchers and invitations for foreigners, but also provides services for booking hotels in any city in Russia, arranges transfers, excursions, books tickets for trains and planes on the territory of the Russian Federation. If you are interested in these services, you can seek further advice to the managers of our company.